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Looking for experts in concrete floor polishing in Sydney? HH Polished Concrete offers concrete resurfacing, stained concrete self-levelling floors, concrete floor grinding, stone polishing, polished concrete floors, and epoxy flooring surfaces. With over ten years of experience in floor polishing, we are genuine about consistently looking for new methods and tools to enhance the procedure and final goods.

Using the most advanced technology and dust-free surface preparation tools is something H&H takes great pride in.  

Over time, hard floors can get dingy, muddy, and dirty. Hard flooring loses quality and sheen if it is not properly maintained, even if you regularly sweep, vacuum, and mop it. It is especially true for floors in establishments with high foot traffic, like businesses, cafes, restaurants, and schools. The only thing your worn-out and ugly flooring needs is thorough cleaning and polishing from a professional. 

Concrete Floor Polishing

About Us

Over 10 years of experience in floor polishing have given H&H Polished Concrete the expertise in all aspect of floor polishing.

We are passionate about continually seeking new techniques and equipment to improve the process and finished products.

Our extensive experience within the concrete treatment industry has led us to become one of the market leaders in the application and installation and coatings.

Our services include polished concrete floors, stone polishing, stained concrete self-leveling floor, concrete floor grinding, concrete resurfacing and epoxy flooring surfaces.

H&H as a company pride themselves on using the latest technology and dust free surface preparation equipment available.


When it comes to polishing floors, we offer premium quality services and workmanship.

Cost (Price)

With sophisticated tools and advanced polishing techniques, we restore floors at affordable prices.


  • Enhances the floor look  

Professional floor polishing can enhance a room’s overall appearance and ambience. Because a polished floor is so reflecting, the brightness and illumination in space will automatically rise. It improves the natural light that comes in via the windows and lessens the need for intense artificial lighting.  

  • Damage-free with the right equipment  

Additionally, different cleaning agents are required for various floor materials. A professional cleaner can choose the best cleaning products and chemicals for your floor to get the most excellent possible cleanliness without damaging it. For instance, marble is a pricey stone that requires careful cleaning since it reacts strongly to specific cleaning agents. Due to their expertise and ability to ensure that the proper precautions are followed, professional cleaners can prevent any harm to your floors.  

  • Convenient and economical  

Professional floor polishers will arrive at your location with all their equipment and remove it again after departing. As a result, there is nothing left over for you to clean up or discard, and you won’t need to store large cleaning supplies anyplace on your property. 


Whether your floors are wood, concrete, marble, tiles, granite, or vinyl/linoleum flooring, we can make them bright and glossy for you, just like installing a new one.  

  • Polished Concrete flooring  
  • Polished Stones (Marble, Travertine, Terrazzo & Natural Stones)  
  • Epoxy coating  
  • Surface Preparation  
  • Floor levelling  
  • Refurbishment of polished concrete floor  
  • Concrete grinding and floor preparation  
  • Gridding of water-damaged concrete  
  • Resealing existing floors  
  • Decorative flooring  
  • Adhesive / Glue removal  
  • Concrete shaving  
  • Anti-slip coating  
  • Tile removal  
Concrete Floor Grinding
Stone Polishing
Polished Concrete Floors
Floor Polishing

HH Polished Concrete can meet all of your demands, even with any hard floor polishing in Sydney. We take the time to apply the proper and most meticulous cleaning procedure for your floors since we know that each type of flooring is unique. It will produce the best cleaning and polishing results and safeguard your feet from harm or normal wear and tear.  

Our employees receive excellent training, close supervision, and assistance to give you the best floor polishing service possible. And because we are great at what we do, we never subcontract our services to other companies.  

We will customise our services to meet your demands and employ sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Get in touch with us today and request a free quote to see how we can assist with your floor polishing needs in Sydney. 

Why Choose us


With sophisticated tools and advanced polishing techniques, we restore floors at affordable prices.


Our top of the line diamond polishing tools powerfully grind several layers and achieve a smooth, even, and lustrous finish.


We care about our world and utilise only the most eco-friendly grinding techniques that reduce dust emissions during the restoration process.


We focus on building relationships on trust and respect and work to enhance the quality of life in our community.


We offer an obligation free site visit and support you from start to execution to give you the results you desire.


We ensure we demonstrate integrity in all our business dealings and promote honest and ethical practices throughout our organisation.